Reflexology & Amma Therapy

Reflexology focuses on pressure points located in the hands and feet to target problem areas inside the body using unique micro-movement techniques of the thumbs, fingers, knuckles, and sometimes even wooden sticks.  Feel your tensions melt away as you receive our luxurious hand or foot reflexology. There is no better way to bring your body back to its full potential.  

Amma Therapy involves stretching and targeting of pressure points to help alleviate tense muscles throughout your body.  Amma Therapy helps transport your mind, body and soul into a meditative state that will cast out all stress and help to refresh your mind, body and soul.  Try our Amma Therapy Combo service that couples a luxurious hand or foot reflexology with our custom Amma Therapy.

  • Note that General Admissions fee is not included with the prices of services listed below.
  • Walk-in Appointments  Only*
  • Services Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Last Appointment Time: 8:00 pm
  • Please check-in 15 minutes before the appointment time at the Lavender Desk.
  • We do not practice Prenatal Massages

Reflexology & Amma Therapy Combo

Hand Reflexology

( 30 min - $40 )

*Prices are per person basis.

Foot Reflexology

( 30 min - $40 )
( 60 min - $80 )

*Prices are per person basis.

Hand & Foot Reflexology Combo

( 60 min - $70 )

*Prices are per person basis.

Amma Therapy Combo

( 60 min - $95 )

*Prices are per person basis.