Venture into Our Sauna Valley for a Truly Breathtaking Journey.

Location: First Floor 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
Each room, equally ornate in structure and design, offers specific healing affects through the combination of the infrared rays converted to heat with the natural essence of the room itself. The lining of each room is made from natural and authentic components, each organically beneficial to the body.

Gold Sauna

Gold Sauna room is lined with plates made of real gold, which in ancient times was used for numerous medicinal purposes. Even today, gold is found to comfort sore limbs and assist in reaching the perfect balance in your mind, body and soul. After lying in this room, you will feel your mental state and energy level increasing tenfold.

Loess Soil Sauna

Loess Soil Sauna room is our largest and hottest. With beautiful hand painted walls, this room provides a unique meditative environment. The soothing smell of the Loess Soil and natural herbs calms and relaxes your mind, body and soul.

Jade Sauna

Jade Sauna room is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but jade itself contains calcium and magnesium which emits far infrared healing rays known to do wonders for your whole body.

Color Therapy

Focuses on the use of Color Therapy to balance “energy” within the mind, body and soul. Specific colors strengthen physical and psychological components, affecting emotions, moods, as well as increase metabolism and physical energy.

Himalayan Salt

Salt is a natural ionizer, creating a fresh bacteria-free environment while regulating water and blood pressure throughout the body. The calcium, sodium, magnesium, carbon, and manganese found in the blocks of salt helps relieve allergies and asthma, softens the skin, and reduces signs of aging.

Infrared Zone

Microscopic infrared wavelengths are emitted and are directly absorbed into the body, reducing pain, stiffness, and fatigue.

Far Infrared Sauna

Heaters convert infrared light into heat, which is absorbed through the skin, stimulating blood circulation, sooth join stiffness, clears up nasal congestion and dogged pores ,and increase oxygen flow to the brain.

Ice Land

Short term cold stimulation improves the body’s anti-oxidant capabilities, helping strengthen the immune system, firms the skin, reduces cellulite, chronic pain and fatigue, as well as providing a refreshing escape.