Avenue S VIP Spa

Immerse, Rejuvenate, and Re-balance at Avenue S where the word “luxury” revives into a new meaning. At Avenue S we have a line of experts distinctively detailed in relaxation to perform every service to perfection. We have professional and personalized secrets from Korea to amass our luxurious services. Private Party, Private Treatment Service with Hot Tub Soaking with Aroma Sea Salt.

  • Single and couple spa treatments available.
  • Note that General Admissions fee is not included with the prices of services listed below.
  • Service Times Include preparation time.
  • Services Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Latest Appointment Time: 8:00 pm
  • We do not practice Prenatal Massages
  • Please check in at the Avenue S desk 30 minutes before the appointment to avoid any cancellation which will result in a 20% cancellation fee.

Avenue S Services

Avenue S Signature Facial

The best of both worlds! A relaxing full back massage followed with our highest grade Organic facial to please both your skin and soul.

Body Glow Treatment

You will feel reborn when you indulge in our gorgeously relaxing full body exfoliation followed with a luxurious body wrap.

DE-STRESS Body Massage

Re-balance your body and mind with a professional massage. Massage energizes the body resulting in good blood circulation, vitality, stress relief, as well as physical and spiritual healing.


( 120 min - $250 / per person )

Choice of One treatment from the list above.

*Includes 30 minutes of Private Whirlpool Bath in VIP Suite room.

*Complimentary glass of champagne, fresh fruit, and cookies.


( 150 min - $380 / per person )

Choice of Two treatments from the list above.

*Includes 30 minutes of Private Whirlpool Bath in VIP Suite room.

*Complimentary glass of champagne, fresh fruit, and cookies.


( 210 min - $495 / per person )

All Three treatments from the list above.

*Includes 30 minutes of Private Whirlpool Bath in VIP Suite room.

*Complimentary glass of champagne, fresh fruit, and cookies.


You can't decide?

Experience ALL THREE treatments
( 90 min - $270 )
*Whirlpool Bath is not included.
*Hydrotherapy baths can be added for additional fee.

Elemental Well-Being - NEW!!!

wood: rejuvenating and immuno-boosting

fire: stimulates and invigorates the mind

earth: balances body and mind, aids sleeplessness

metal: detoxifies and tonifies

water: soothes and relieves stress

Firmly rooted in the Five Element theory of traditional Chinese & Korean medicine, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are used to help diagnose conflicting symptoms within your body & mind.

Therapeutic Herbal Massage

( 60 Min - $140 / per person )

Performed in a serene, candlelight surrounding, this treatment begins with quiet, tailored breathing and meditative techniques to release physical and emotional strain and restore energy.

Head to Toe Recovery

( 60 min - $180 / per person )

For clearing toxin, The Spa Castle introduces herbal essential oil treatment, including detoxifying facial and scalp massage. These treatments are enhanced by the healing benefits of the customized aromatherapy oils. This treatment aims to alleviate sore muscles, back and joint pain as well as reduce stress, detoxify your skin and energize your immune system.

AVE S Signature Massage

( 75 min - $210 / per person )

Customized to produce the results you desire, each multi-sensorial massage experience provides relaxation, restoration and an array of healing benefits.

This treatment focuses on the strain areas of your body such as head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. Moreover, effective lymphatic drainage facial massage allows for an intense deep cleansing hydration and revitalization.


Antioxident Collagen Mask

( $30 )

Intensive Eye Treatment

( $30 )

Glamour Lip Treatment

( $30 )

Skin Renewal Peel

( $40 )

Arm & Hands Hydration Treatment

( 10 min. - $30 )

Scalp Treatment

( 10 min. - $30 )

Back Clarifying Facial

( 30 min. - $70 )

Anti Cellulite Fat Buster

( 30 min. - $70 )